May 23, 2003 - KS

Just a quick note to say that everything is finally working and we are off as soon as the weather permits.....maybe tonight!! For those of you who are interested....Since the Gulf Stream runs North at about 4 knots, we need winds from the South. If they come from the North it blows against the stream and can whip up some nasty waves. Forecast for the next 3 days are Southerly winds at 5-15 knots with seas 2-4 feet....perfect :) We will be sailing from Ft Lauderdale to Cat Cay (approx 50 nautical miles), about 15 miles below Bimini and then entering the Bahama banks for a run to the Northwest Passage. From there it is a straight shot to  the Northern tip of Eluethra. We will then follow the Western Coast of Eluethra down to just north Governor's Harbour and anchoring behind a little Island called Levy Island. The trip should take less than a week.

Not sure if there is an Internet Cafe a Gov Harbour, but if there is, you will here from us shortly. Barb will be flying from Eluethra up to Boston to visit family for a couple of weeks the 2nd week of June, so will be able to pick up our email regardless. Fair Winds and Crystal Waters!! Until then.