May 16, 2003 - BG

Well, right now we're in Ft Lauderdale to get the boat's custom-built cold-plate refrigeration systems fixed by the original makers.  Much nicer than Miami -- a beautiful beach, great food & drink (the Quarterdeck, the Elbo Room & Sloop John's), fewer men in Speedos than prowl the streets of Miami, Nantucket, & Cape Cod stickers on cars...and everyone speaks English!!  (So strange, in south Miami, to see George Bush on TV being simultaneously translated in Spanish because people can't understand the president of our country.)

Still verging on the bizarre to see adults walking down the streets of the city in nothing but bathing suits (often thongs or g-strings!) and shoes, or wearing the same out to dinner at fairly nice restaurants at night.  Keep remembering my cousin's ex-wife Kim, a native Floridian who so shocked my Mom and Aunt Judy by wearing shorts and an aerobic top to go shopping in town on Nantucket...feel we may have sadly misjudged her.

Keith's mom & her best friend Joan spent the week with us, sailing up the Florida coast to Boca Raton, sailing the boat while Keith & I took pics from the dinghy, fishing from the cool fishing platform on the back of the boat, buzzing around one of the Tall Ships all the way down from Boston, shopping in Fort Lauderdale, and dining out on "the strip" along Ft. Lauderdale beach.  They also saw my first-ever open-water scuba dive:  it took 5 min to figure out how to get from the boat into the water!  Fun visit.

Keith's Mom, Joan, and Crystal, down for a week of fun. 

Keith's Mom and Joan sailing Solace (in very light winds).  Next time they'll fly the fourth sail too! 

Liberty Clipper, one of the Tall Ships, a traditional old wooden clipper ship down from Boston, Mass. They are headed back up to Rose Wharf. Say hello if you see them.