May 6, 2003 - Keith

Well... we are finally out of Miami. Here is a picture of the Miami Port as we left. Tons of cruise ships, which you can just see in the background.

Had a great sail up to Ft Lauderdale a couple of days ago. Solace sails fantastically and is quit a looker with all 3 sheets flying. We will be here about a week to get the refrigeration serviced and then we are off to the Islands.

Have decided to spend the month of June anchored of the Island of Eluethra in the Bahamas. There are some great caverns to explore there, extending miles underground and totally well as great snorkeling, fishing, etc.

If anyone is interested in joining us in June, send us an email. Make your reservations now :) There is a commercial airstrip on the Island and roundtrip airfare from Boston is around $400 last I checked.

Have finally taken some photos of the boat. Here they are.




Hopefully our next post will be from the Islands. Look forward to hearing from all of you.